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The final schedule of Media Forum screenings, lectures and events is published.

The preliminary selection of works for the competition programme is finished. The list of twenty best works, according to the selection committee, has been published.

Now you can see parts of video works from our programme's participants at Media Forum website.

The final list of Jury 2009 is now announced.

The information on the members of selection committee has been added.

The admission of applications for this year competition programme is closed. The selection committee has set to work. The short-list is to be announced on June 10th.


MF Programme

Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani (Germany) film “The Rise” and the lecture

It could be an opening shot of a Hollywood movie. At the beginning of ''The Rise'' a young man looks out of a panoramic window at the South Axis hotel in Amsterdam which is under construction. Standing in front of a window with his back to us, he stares at the area which is supposed to  become a new centre for Amsterdam leaving the old, canal-ridden and congested space ultimately to tourists.

But Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani haven't made a film about the power of a human being to change the world according to his wishes, but of how the uncanny, the unforeseen reality, which lurks directly under the glossy surface of the modern environment, suddenly seeps through. Public buildings in the numerous  photo-, video- and cinema-works of these German artists change into symbols of the unfulfilled utopias. The main theme of their work is the search of the evidence that the mankind ever lived on the earth when we are no longer here.


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