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The final schedule of Media Forum screenings, lectures and events is published.

The preliminary selection of works for the competition programme is finished. The list of twenty best works, according to the selection committee, has been published.

Now you can see parts of video works from our programme's participants at Media Forum website.

The final list of Jury 2009 is now announced.

The information on the members of selection committee has been added.

The admission of applications for this year competition programme is closed. The selection committee has set to work. The short-list is to be announced on June 10th.


MF Programme

Yang Fudong (China) – the russian premiere of the “Seven intellectuals in the bamboo forest” polyscreen installation (full version).

The asian multi-media art, must have won the viewers sympathy not by exotic faces or high-tech landscapes, but by the transformation of the 1000-years old philosophic tradition. Its ideas are skilfully embodied by the artists in highly technological forms, not losing the poetical clarity or depth. That's what happened with shanghai artist Yang Fudong, who retells the story about IIIrd century seven sages and rakes. They abandoned the suffocating life at the court which had been full of intrigues and fuss, and found the refuge in the bamboo forest, where they could play music, feast and lead scholarly discussions. Fudong follows the iconography, which was formed in chinese and japanese painting years ago, and makes a film about... future   >>

Eve Sussman (USA) – 2009 film “White on white” (world premiere)

  There was a popular entertainment in the XIXth century France - tableaux vivants. What does it mean? It's when the habitués of the salons made performances on allegorical subjects or in the spirit of the well-known canvases, chose the properties and wore the historical costumes. It was a lovely pastime for society at that times before radio or internet. Contemporary artists are free to do whatever they want, even to play in such games using computer technology and especially written music; getting the professional actors, camera and sound men, choreographers and light designers involved. So they can rehearse something very similar to "Las Meninas" by Velazquez, "The Sabine Women" by Jacques-Louis David or (and why not?) to the "White square" by Malevich.   >>

Ryoichi Kurokawa (Japan) multimedia performance

This japanese artist creates digital worlds in his music videos and albums, installations and live performances. The beauty of these worlds is almost palpable, thanks to the silky, "cloth" texture and light effects experienced in a tactile way. >>

The retrospective of Jesper Just (Denmark)

This danish videoartist doesn't attempt to demonstrate the seriousness of his art by pseudodocumentary or "non-professional" filming. >>

Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov /PROVMYZA/ video work «Pitter-Patter»

The participants of 51st Venetian Biennale, German Transmediale, the Oberhausen festival, Media Forum award winners, Tiger Short Award winners at the 38th International Film Festival, Rotterdam, -the PROVMYZA group (Galina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov) presents at this Media Forum their most recent video work «Pitter-Patter».   >>

Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani (Germany) film “The Rise” and the lecture

It could be an opening shot of a Hollywood movie. At the beginning of ''The Rise'' a young man looks out of a panoramic window at the South Axis hotel in Amsterdam which is under construction. Standing in front of a window with his back to us, he stares at the area which is supposed to  become a new centre for Amsterdam leaving the old, canal-ridden and congested space ultimately to tourists. >>

«This Is How We Walk on the Moon» – videos by Johanna Billing (Sweden)

It is hard to say what interests the Swedish video artist Johann a Billing more - experimental music or dance, performance arts or social sciences. For one of her projects she invited the Stockholm art college graduates, young people of various professions, frequently clumsy and awkward, to rehearse an experimental dance together and watched the results. >>

A lecture by Berta Sichel - Director of the Department of Audiovisuals, the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid and screening of the video works from the museum’s collection

Berta Sichel, Director of the Department of Audiovisuals from the Reina Sofía Museum, is coming to Media Forum. The Museum is Spain major contemporary art center, holding such exhibits as Picasso's Guernica together with numerous works by Salvador Dali, Joan Miró and  Juan Gris, and also work by contemporary art starts such as Gerhard Richter, Bill Viola,  Anish Kapoor,  Yves Klein, Mark Rothko, Lucio Fontana  and  Francis Bacon.   >>

The festivals night in the “Hudozhestvenny” cinema theatre

One of the festival nights in the "Hudozhestvenny" cinema theatre will be dedicated to the programs of the greatest world media-festivals 2008-2009 (in the club format, non-stop).   >>

Round table “The New Imagery: expanding the cinema borders...”

Video art - the art of marginals and non-conformists - suddenly began to seize the territories which were primordially alien to it. It doesn't mask as a documentary, non-professional or experimental filming anymore. More and more often video artists invite the whole crew of the camera and sound men, light designers, get the well-known composers and performers involved. In the artworks, which, by their duration, approach to the full-length films, professional actors appear, and the end-product is visually indistinguishable from a posh Hollywood picture. Thus it seems logical to ask: has the video art nowadays become the rival to traditional cinematography. 

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