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The final schedule of Media Forum screenings, lectures and events is published.

The preliminary selection of works for the competition programme is finished. The list of twenty best works, according to the selection committee, has been published.

Now you can see parts of video works from our programme's participants at Media Forum website.

The final list of Jury 2009 is now announced.

The information on the members of selection committee has been added.

The admission of applications for this year competition programme is closed. The selection committee has set to work. The short-list is to be announced on June 10th.


MF Programme

The retrospective of Jesper Just (Denmark)

This danish videoartist doesn't attempt to demonstrate the seriousness of his art by pseudodocumentary or "non-professional" filming.

There is no trash, on the contrary, his films please the eye with the visual effects luxury, complex light work and considered music; the professional actors, sound directors, camera men, light designers are brought into play - everything associated with the expensive full-length production is present here. Nevertheless, the artist can't fool the viewers and critics with his sweet visual "trompe-d'oeils" - they compare atmospheric works by Jesper Just with the movies of Visconti, Fassbinder, Gus van Sant, and come to look at them to the Brooklyn museum or Tate Gallery.

Jesper Just wors screening curator - Yulia Tikhonova.

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